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Bernalillo County Fire Department at 11700 Paseo Del Norte Northeast in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bernalillo County Fire Department in 11700 Paseo Del Norte Northeast, New Mexico: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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Fire station

Phone: +1 505-314-0090


11700 Paseo Del Norte Northeast,
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Reviews about Bernalillo County Fire Department

  • Bryon Blake West Dyk III Hamburger
    April 11, 2017
    1 /5
    It is my professional opinion in my recommendations to the world's court systems World Healthcare Systems in the fire department the members of our society lack the mental stability and seek for help are often discarded as not valid members to serve it's been 3 times that I was trying to get my mother some help due to her mental condition the first time I had to have the police take her to Presbyterian hospital but was released within 22 hours after suicidal threats to herself this is not like my mother I think it might be conditions of our medicines that are prescribed to her conflicting with other medicines sorta like how Prince died from the negligence of the industry of the medical professions not relaying the information correctly from his pre-existing condition from his newer condition causing a deadly interaction between the two medicines causing Prince to die the musical artist that changed himself into a symbol the second time I went down to this fire station and 12 different Sheriff's Department showed up after clearly speaking my condition of my mother they negligently disregarded what I had to say and how it just what happened two weeks ago and she must have to take another opinion from another hospital that holds up standards and policies and procedures of having members of our society with mental instability held there for at least 2 weeks to dry up from the original drugs that they have not been taking results putting them in dissolution of a mental state that cannot be comprehended by our society the third time I've been down there which was today because of my mother complaining that she doesn't want to sign over a title that my father left to me to a car because of my tags being expired I don't want to get probable cause to the members of our law enforcement who are highly appreciated for all they do and their support throughout the years in order to get my new license plates I need a title and I can't get new tags without the title she has responded numerous times that her titles in another state South Carolina it's already been 3 months on expired tags luckily I have not been getting pulled over I am documenting the reason so if I ever do get pulled over it's not like I didn't try to get my tags after the argument that me and my mother had I ask the lady from the fire department if she can provide a phone number or a intervention suicide hotline and every single one of them I called we're not open then I told the individuals at the fire station that my mom was suicidal and did not take the proper procedures of one of our members of our society being suicidal and how it is responsible for those members of the fire department to respond properly in accordance of a policy and procedure of standards to get the necessary help that is needed to my mother he's gave me a phone number but they were closed it is. I'm just simply doing what my father told me to do is to take care of my mother due to the lack of the Society of not having the stability to enforce the medical rule of communication this is the third time they have let me down and this will be the last time management should be replaced and all our members of our society to ensure the stability of the future of our children because without the future of our children we have no future but this is just my professional opinion in my recommendations as well as my First Amendment right of freedom of speech
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About Bernalillo County Fire Department in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bernalillo County Fire Department is located at 11700 Paseo Del Norte Northeast, Albuquerque, New Mexico.